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Our Repair Process

Here at Henry’s Collision, we have a repair proccess that we follow, in order to ensure that your vehicle is safely repaired.

Step 1: Estimate

First, our employees will inspect your vehicle to determine what type of damage exist. With the visual evaluation that we do, we use our software in order to provide a detailed estimation of what parts/labor will be needed in order to repair your vehicle. However, not all damage is seen while being inspected, most of the time the more hidden damage is seen after the car is being disassembled. It is our job to pass this information to the insurance company or customer.

Step 2: Disassembly of Vehicle

During this process, we are preparing your vehicle for the repairs. We usually find hidden damage during this stage. Any hidden damage is reported to the insurance company. They will usaually send an adjuster or ask for photos to be sent in order to provide a supplement order on your vehicle.

Step 3: Ordering Parts

The repair process can only start when our shop has received the parts. We make sure that we order the parts on time so that we can repair your car as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Structure Repair

Any structural damage that your vehicle may have must be reapired first. Our computer software will tell our employees the measurements of your vehicle. This will allow us to safely return your cars struture back to its original manufacturer requirements.

Step 5: Body Repair

Our body repair consist of replacing broken parts or the shaping of body lines. We make sure we use quality materials on your vehicle. We also make sure the the appropriate parts aligned before the painting of your vehicle.

Step 6: Painting

Paint preperation is very important to achieving a quality refinish. We prime your vehicle to make sure the body repair will look flawless. We want your vehicle to look like new therefore, we only quality paint products.

Step 7: Reassembly

After the car’s paint has cured, we will put any moldings or parts on your vehicle. We make sure your car is running nice and smoothly.

Step 8: Detailing

We want your car to leave our shop looking like new. That’s why we offer a free detail on your vehicle. We make sure to vacum and wash your entire car. Some customers don’t even recognize there car.

Step 9: Delivery

We will inform you when your vehicle is ready for delivery. At this step we explain your final bill and make sure any paperwork is signed. We make sure you love your vehicle and we hope that your will recommend us to your friends and family.We’re excited to launch our new website! Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. We are continually striving to improve our service and we welcome your input.

At Henry's Collision Auto Body, we make customer service a priority. Our people are highly trained and are dedicated to the commitment of quality, workmanship and service that our business was in fact, founded on. Our technicians have several years of experience behind them. We’re proud to serve the auto body repair needs of the Bryant area.

When the safety of your family is on the line, why settle for second best.